Defendant Guilty

Oct 30, 2019: Defendant Pleaded Guilty to two counts of Uttering Threats. On September 11, 2020 he was sentenced to 4 months in jail followed by 2 years probation. A true crime Docu-series is currently in production that tells the entire story. Visit StalkShowHost.com for more.

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The mission of this web site is quite simple. To collect, catalog and organize all evidence of alleged cyberstalking by John Hans Anderson of Fairview, Alberta Canada. This suspect is believed to have been cyberstalking some victims for going on a decade. It is time for this reign of terror to stop. An ongoing cyber crimes investigation will accomplish this if we can find the specific evidence of suspect's alleged criminal activity.

Our Goal

Our goal has never been to silence John Hans Anderson. If he wants to have a Talk Show on YouTube, that's his right. Our specific goal is to get him to either voluntarily STOP engaging in cyberstalking activity and spreading lies about his victims -OR- be charged with criminal activity and to receive whatever penalties are prescribed by existing US, Canada and International law regarding cyberstalking and criminal harassment. Enough is enough.


Our secret facebook group is the place to share ongoing cyberstalking. If you do not belong to this group, but you are on the "Dark List" on John's web site, please contact Mark W. Mumma so we can get you added.

We also need volunteers to view each and every video Anderson has posted so we can find violations of Canadian, US and International cyberstalking laws.

Think Global

John Hans Anderson is believed to have harassed people from all over the world.
Our mission is to find them and catalog their evidence.

Public Figure and Talk Show Host
John Anderson of S.T.O.L.E.N TALK SHOW on YouTube MrStolenworld
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S.T.O.L.E.N Live Guest Pete Geary of BUACA Australia.
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The suspect's favorite tactic appears to be dressing up in SWAT gear and threatening people. He's done everything from naming bullets after his targets to actually flat out saying he is going to kill them. ...


When the suspect isn't chasing fake pedophiles he directs his rage at those who dare challenge his ludicrous claims. If you call suspect out, he labels you a "pro-pedo" and relentlessly harasses you. ...


In a dramatic set of two videos the suspect climbs on top of the roof of his rental house and summons the RCMP. When they show up, he starts screaming that he has a right to kill his targets right in front of officers. ...

Mark Mumma is still waiting to see the "Evidence"...

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